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September 23, 2007


Am very excited to see what you think about the new Blade Runner (without seeing it yet myself, of course). Hopefully you'll be able to check out RE3 when all the hellfire has passed over. I myself didn't much like the first two but I felt this one was pretty worthwhile as a piece of popcorn junk, so hopefully your faint praise of the second will spill over into this one as well. It was a bloody good time in my book.

Faint praise? Schager's RE2 review was a veritable lovefest. =D

I'm still surprised at the way some critics basically scowled at "Jesse James". When I read Nick and Scott Tobias's review at The Onion, it was a pretty much, to me, a sign that this one was to go down good. Then that indignant E! Online review came up. I haven't seen the film yet, but it still is a must see for me.

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