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October 30, 2007


It's funny how I preferred this one considerably to the first two, although I did quite enjoy "Apocalypse" when I revisited it for my blog-a-thon. By the way, I'm going to add this review of yours to my contribution list, since it was during that calendar month anyhow and anything by Nick is automatically required reading (of course).

I'm not sure that Apocalypse is a more competently made film than Extinction, but it at least felt like a logical extension of what had come before. Here, things just felt really, really lazy.

That said - whatever. Taking this series too seriously is a big mistake. And I do love me some Milla...

(And thanks re: the blog-a-thon. Glad to know at least SOMETHING I wrote this month will be included)

The story was lack-luster. But I can say this for the whole Resident Evil movie series. This movie in particular was very short, and it strayed away from a horror survival type, which I'd come to expect, and turned into a super hero climactic battle. The introduction of Alice was interesting, until she started up with telekinetic abilities. Other then that, it was allright.

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