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October 01, 2007


really? for me this was the best experience I've had at a movie theatre (saw it at Toronto) in the last 10 years (and I'm a critic)

very nice review by the way

I strongly agree with the last lines of your review, because of Japon and Battle in Heaven I came to admire Reygadas and I was very disappointed of Silent Light, I just can’t understand why his film is receiving awards and praises when he should be marked for plagiarism. His previews film Japon was clearly influenced by Tarkovsky but still the film wasn’t a copy of him. Not the case in Silent light, where everything from the pace, images, zooms, sounds were an exact copy from the Russian director and then it ends whit a forced “homage” to Ordet. The movie was more a tribute to Tarkovsky and Dreyer than an original Reygadas film. An advice to Reygadas: stop worshiping your favorite directors and continue developing your own ideas.

Well, for me, the best film of the last 10 years. Deeply moving, for me, a film student, this is a true inspiration. I didn't care much about Japon, I hated Batalla en el Ciello, but Silent Light had me all excited, like nothing I've seen recently.

i was also disappointed - the style interfered completely with the tone - but i cannot deny that these are some of the most gorgeous images i've seen in a film this decade. while i guess it's fair to call it "show-offy," why shouldn't it be?

beautiful images. i dont think anyone can deny that. but i must admit, the movie bored me. maybe im talking out my backside but i found the pacing to be too slow and inefficient.i found shots to be too long and at times almost apologetic for deadpan performances and dull lines. and finally, out my backside: i dont know any mennonites personally, but if thats what theyre like i dont think i care to see another movie about them...

Hm. If this is true cinematic pomposity and self-important posturing, it should be right up your ally--you and the Slant Mag crowd (a web site featuring critics who like stuff like 29 Palms and Suspiria--hey, somebody's gotta love it, right?). Your panning of this film turns it into a game of "which art-clique-nonsense-dreck will they endorse, and which will they snub?" I fail to see a pattern; maybe it's based on your mood at the time. Well, you liked The Dark Knight, I see, so maybe there's an actual film lover lurking in there somewhere under the pretentious "film critic." Sometimes I think we oughtta just lock you all in a small room with a pile of Godard films and let you sniff each other's farts (nirvana for film snobs!). Either that or help you find a meaningful occupation. Art criticism is for art critics only, meaning: it's dead.

But nice review overall. You're actually among the better of the Slant crowd. That Ed Gonzalez fellow makes me want to cry. Mr Kipp is rough on my inner film enthusiast as well. Do you guys even LIKE movies?

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