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November 27, 2007


So, this was one of your 'let's catch up with awards season' picks? I thought it was OK for it is, an Adam Sandler movie.

Ha. No, this was just a Friday night rental, though there were a few prominent critics who thought it was pretty great. Obviously, I don't agree.

The award-season catch-up reviews begin with Things We Lost in the Fire, and will continue for the next few weeks (along with a few random reviews that have just been sitting on the back-burner)...

Yeah, not drinking the punch on this one either, and the fact that most of the critical champions have been gay themselves confuses me more. I'm no liberal guilt sufferer, but I found it really offensive, and yet, a subversive streak might've saved this: How about the variant on the old joke about the guy who gets a snakebite on his junk (sorry, just watched Juno) and the buddy who, upon hearing that he can save him if he sucks out the poison, tells his ailing friend: "Bad news, you're gonna die." If Chuck was forced to blow Larry in a dire, hey-I-ain't-no-faggot-but-y'know situation, maybe I'd buy the stereotype-as-empowerment argument. Feh.


Agreed. I too expected a more subversive streak, especially given the praise it had received from a few prominent gay critics. But it never materialized - it was just easy mockery followed by even easier messages of tolerance.

Cathy now uses the term "Chuck and Larry" to denote something bad. As in, "Juno is so Chuck and Larry."

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