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November 17, 2007


Fantastic site, Nick. Your ability to produce consistently good content is impressive, as is your ability to get your point across on each film in around 250 words or less.

"Next" sounds like a high concept action movie that was pitched in 1997 - between the time Cage appeared in "The Rock" and "Con Air" - and has been discovered and thawed out by scientists. It actually doesn't sound as awful as I wanted it to be.

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the compliment, Joe. And you're right - Next is something of a throwback to Cage's late-90s action "heyday." For better and worse.

Seeking some catharsis, I searched the web for a review that helped describe the silliness of this movie and combined the confusing nature of NC’s hair. I’m happy to say I found it, but I’m still a little disappointed that any of the “premium” networks would see fit to air this not-bad-enough-to-be-hillarious concoction named “Next”.

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