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December 07, 2007


Just by the previews you can see that during Epiphany Depp's doing a hell of lot more than staring out the window. Are you talking about 'Wait'?

It's possible that I meant to reference "Wait" instead of "Epiphany" - the scene I'm talking about is the one in which Depp and Bonham Carter sing about all the poor saps in London that they're going to kill and use for pies. I'm sure they spend a good bit of time looking out the window at the crowded city streets.

If someone has recently seen the film and can clarify, I'd be most appreciative, as my memory of the sequence (and the film) is fading fast - the unavoidable result of watching so many movies over the past few weeks.

The scene you're referring to is "A Little Priest." ;)

"Wait" and "Epiphany" both come earlier, and "Epiphany" is the moment where he truly cracks and rages (in his mind) through the streets with his razors.

Jessica: Thanks for the correction.

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