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January 25, 2008


I saw the preview for "Fool's Gold" tonight, and all I could think of was, why, God? Then again, I thought the same thing x5 when I saw the trailer for "Mad Money"...how on earth do you do it?

Hey man, if Sly Stallone gets called out on the implausibly ripped physique, Matthew McConaughey should get a ribbing too. Fine, he's been working out a lot, but a physique simply doesn't go from hippie to He-Man that quickly.

Rob: You just grit your teeth. A lot.

Joe: I always make mention of McConaughey's ripped physique. But he gets a pass because he's much younger, and because I can imagine him living a life that involves nothing but working out, hanging out, and playing bongos while under the influence...

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