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March 21, 2008


"Is the golden age of Judd Apatow already waning?"

Is it ever. My money is on him and Will Ferrell collaborating on 20 projects in the first three months of 2009.

I will give them this much credit though: at least they're sticking to comedy.

It won't take until 2009 - this May's "Step Brothers" is an Apatow-produced Ferrell comedy. Trailer looks pretty decent, too.

Wow, that does have some potential. I stand corrected.

Hehe: http://www.kottke.org/remainder/08/03/15294.html

That's pretty funny. But the scoring system - at least in New York magazine - is seriously flawed if it thinks that Talladega Nights is a bad Apatow film. I'd argue that it's the best of all those films, save perhaps for Superbad...

That system is cute and all, but they're F-O-O-L-S if they think that movies can ever be reduced to math. I think my preference would go:

1. Anchorman
2. Talladega Nights
3. Superbad
4. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
5. Knocked Up

And those are neck-and-neck one and all. Haven't seen "Walk Hard" yet.

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