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March 04, 2008


Thank you, finally a review of this movie that I agree with.

I went a pre-screening of this and was churning in my seat after the third rewind. When Dennis Quaid's character uttered the brilliant line of, "I've got you sir." I almost tore the seat from its moorings.

However, everyone I went with liked it, others said they liked it. Even the movie critic at the paper I work for gave a favorable review. I thought I was taking crazy pills or something!

Thank you for the review that this movie deserves. I still think you are being a bit generous with the 'D' grade, however.

I have to agree, this is one of the worst films ever made and the thing is it takes it self seriously. If it was a spoof of 24 I could forgive. after stoppped laughing i was almost crying. Hideous but says a lot about audiences and society's general intelligence when it will probably make more than there will be blood

Yep, a poor film. Amongst all the other cliches there were some classic Hollywood-mag moments, Secret Service agents firing 20-odd rounds from a pistol without reloading, miraculously hitting their targets all the time, and of course the lead characters can't bleed. Oh dear...

I disagree completely with the reviewer. Not only did I find "Vantage Point" to be an exciting and finely-crafted film, I enjoyed the shifting narrative viewpoint and didn't mind having to do a little thinking in order to keep up with the plot. I'm not particularly bothered by the idea of a U.S. President having a double -- that sounds like a good idea. My only problem with the movie was that the makers chose to sidestep taking a political stance and instead stuck to straight storytelling. I realize that devoid of a political point of view this film will not resonate philosophically but then it also will likely not fall out of style should the American political/social landscape change drastically in the future.

I agree. The worst movie I have seen in recent years. I felt insulted, cheated and angry afterwards at the utter stupidity of the plotline, the illogical plotline. The filmmakers wanted us to believe that a group of terrorists willing to blow up hundreds of people would swerve their van violently to avoid hitting one girl (how did she get there in the first place, she was so far away and they'd been speeding) was probably the stupidest way to wrap up the movie.

I very much agree with this review. I saw the movie yesterday, and it was incredibly violent, in fact, unneccesarily so. When you really think about, the U.S. government might have commisioned the movie to make people even more terrified of terrorism, which is not as present as the government would like us to believe. A horrible movie, and one that I would never recommend to anybody.

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