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April 11, 2008


That must have been an interesting ride back from the city having just seen that one. I gotta say, now I want to see it more than I possibly could have imagined, though I won't touch it until I've seen the original it's aping after.

Actually, I saw it near home, though that doesn't mean I wasn't fuming. What garbage. And, unfortunately, it's not the type of garbage you'll really have fun sitting through, even if you expect the worse....

I went into "In the Name of the King" with that kind of enjoyable badness in mind, only to find something too redundant and punctual to even enjoy for camp value. At least it was something I was able to turn off; kudos for sitting through all of "Prom Night". I may end up seeing it after all, if I go through with my planned original/remake horror film project later this year. Wish me luck...

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