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June 12, 2008


Interesting stuff, and I always make a point to read your entries (do you choose the titles to cover, or are they assigned? do you have input in the listing process itself?). My complaints with these lists, though, are invariably the same: they pander to broad taste and generally go with popular opinions relatively devoid of critical discernment or even curiosity (by this I mean the selections themselves more so than the write-ups, although some of this list's capsule reviews are rather pitiful, methinks). I'm amazed that nothing from Cronenberg's Crash made the cut (a case in which I'm happy to have my expectations proven wrong).

I made suggestions for the list, and I believe most of those wound up being covered by someone.

It's true that these lists have to be viewed as fun, diverting features rather than definitive critical assessments. But given the obvious interest in making the list accessible to a large audience, I think the writing (at least on the IFC side), as well as many of the selections, are quite good.

Nice! Munich and 8 Mile were foremost in my mind, and that last one ... just, wow. The only omission I noticed was the seizure-inducing strobe-light "sex" between Sylvester "Murder-Death-Kill!" Stallone and Sandra Bullock from Demolition Man. Simon says whoa nelly!

Glad to hear you had some input. And yeah, they are fun, even if I am a bit of a defensive snob when it comes to all things "Vice". No matter: popular opinion is about as rigid as a sandcastle at high tide - Mann will get his due one day.

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