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June 28, 2008


did you see "wall-e" yet, nick?

I haven't - last week was so busy that I wound up skipping the press screening. Will likely be checking it out in the next day or two.

Sounds about right for Hancock. Sometimes I feel like the only person who hated the first trailer and continued to hate it until the reviews came in saying "yeah, it wasn't that good." Vindication!

A lesbian friend said that Hancock was excessively homophobic. Did you get that impression, or is she just particular sensitive to that sorta, well, insensitivity?

There's a particular scene (since lambasted by GLAAD) in which Hancock describes comic book superheroes in tight bodysuit costumes as "homos." Those insults certainly aren't necessary - he could have used another derogatory term - but they do come during the film's first half, when it's clear that Hancock is a prick who behaves prickishly.

I guess I'm kinda mixed on the issue - it's a crass way for the film to get a laugh, but in keeping with the character.

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