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July 01, 2008


I went into WALL-E knowing little about it and I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it that way. I take a great deal of satisfaction in hearing a story told and a world unknown to me revealed and WALL-E really excelled, for me at least, in filling that desire.

I think your review is spot on. I found the message of awareness and individuality very inspiring as well. It seems like a lot of other reviewers missed that. Both the humans and the robots, given the opportunity, can see the larger world, their place in it and their responsibility to it. If the movie ended negatively, that message could not be conveyed. I'm all for misery in animation, but leave it to the Japanese.

Great work.

You write very well.


Quite a Disney Dystopia. Lets see, Short Circuit evolves into Max Headroom, then into Idiocracy, then Wall-E. And #5 is still alive 700 years into the future 2776 AD.

Earth-bound life has died out in 2110, 666 years prior to the story-line except for hibernating seeds, and Cockroaches. The irrepressible TWINKIE (Please insert Vincent Price saying, "Aren't preservatives wonderful?!?!") has obviously fed said roach.

The Clean-up has failed, we launch an escape, and directive A113 makes the AXIOM's computer go HAL9000 on us. We mere mortals were in search of... a new world to turn into a trash heap. But we drift aimlessly in space, surviving, and not going anywhere relevant. The mother ship provides all, we don't need no steenking planet, we'll just jettison into the infinite garbage can. All part of the A113 modification.

OK, now the bad news... there is no meat. We have climbed all the way to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian. And yet we have still become obese blobs of goo parked in front of a computer. Fortunately the ship's captain has googled Earth, and learns what we were. Fortunately, a drone named Eva finds a plant on Earth, collected by Wall-E. And, HAL err uh, Otto, yeah thats it Otto, is destined to manual override.

Welcome to the Disney vegen cafeteria. No cats, and all dogs have gone to heaven, and the computer doesn't wear tennis shoes, more like Caterpillar bulldozer tracks. Just people, cockroaches, and plants. Now where's my spoon-fork?

Well, if this story-line keeps repeating itself every few years, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thats the scariest part of the media history presented here... they keep repeating the viewpoint. Do yourself a favor, become familiar with 2001, Short Circuit, Max Headroom, and Idiocracy. Then watch Wall-E again. Doesn't matter if its Zik-Zak or BnL, its all the same.

great story.

a more environmental concern.

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