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August 25, 2008


In other words, it's a Three Amigos ripoff.

I have not read a more spot on and to the point review on this movie until now!

I could not agree more - but seems we are in the small minority that found this film forced, unfunny and tiresome.

I was starting to think I had seen a different movie!

Truly awful and pointless.

Finally, a review for this movie that I agree with! It is good to know that not everyone is a brain dead idiot.

Thank you...thank you....thank you. I just watched this piece of tired dreck yesterday on Blu-Ray and judging by the worshipful reviews I've seen on Rottentomatoes you'd think Tropic Thunder was actually good. As others have said, your review completely hits the mark. We're supposed to feel like we've lucked into being in on a private joke watching Tom Cruise satirize Hollywood when Tom Cruise IS Hollywood at its vapid worst? Give me a break...what a hollow, painfully unfunny piece of garbage.

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