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October 31, 2008


I saw this myself and subsequently reviewed it and I mostly liked it but there were parts that I found oddly badly done, mostly stuff to do with the vampirisms. Nice review.

eli doesn't have a father. That guy at the beginning was one of the many Oskar's that she's found during her long long life. That's why the ending is so moving and disturbing. She's using lonely boys "her age" to accompany her throughout her immortal life.

I'm not sure if that man was first recruited by Eli when he was a boy (like Oskar), but you're right that he's not her biological father. I meant to clarify my description of him as her "father" and then forgot. My bad.

She doesn't recruit boys and she's not using Oscar. The book explains that he is a pedophile whom she has ensnared by looking twelve. It was cut from the moviescript because it was a hard story to tell cinematically.
The relation between her and Oscar is a real one. =)

Don't take the book as gospel as far as the content of the movie is concerned. There was clearly some sort of warm bond between Eli and Håkan as shown in the movie, and Eli was evidently quite deeply saddened when Håkan sacrificed himself. No I'm not arguing that Eli was "using" or "recruiting" Oskar; the intimate bond between them seemed genuine enough. But the tragedy of their relationship is that he will age, but she won't, unless he became a vampire himself. There's no explicit discussion of this issue anywhere in the movie. What was the point of Håkan's character? I feel like his existence in the story has to bear some thematic relevance, or else he's just a plot device.

Eli's far from a noble character. The woman who became a vampire, Virginia, killed herself because she couldn't live with being a monster forever. Eli's deeply troubled by her hunger, but she's determined to keep living, so she keeps killing to satisfy her survival instinct.

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