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December 05, 2008


Honestly man, I prefer that embargo.

Otherwise, the reviews come out before I even know the film exists, never mind when the public is talking about it.

And that's just a waste IMHO. I find the reviews to be more valuable in proximity to when I make a decision to see a film.

Anyhow what's weirdest to me is, if the film studios have this embargo ... why do they hold the screenings so damn early? Move 'em up to two weeks before opening.

"But that's just me" as Floyd Gondolli would say.

I have no issue with embargoes, except that the studios tacitly allow certain publications to break them while coming down hard on others that do the same. But it doesn't really matter to me when my reviews actually go online.

As for why they hold screenings so early - publications have different deadlines; they want to build good word-of-mouth; there are only so many available times to book screening rooms; etc.

Well, the system should revolve around me.


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