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December 07, 2008


in my opinion the priest Flynn wasn't guilty of child abuse, he somehow doesn't seems to be capable of doing such a thing. And the only logical proof of his guilt of something was that he stepped down ( because of nuns bluff ). i think that nun was one sad lonely crazy bitch who just wanted someone to blame for all the shit in her life ( husbands death ) and i was wright about this because in the end she come to her senses.

More likely Flynn was sleeping with some sister not child ( because he was too interested who was the sister in telephone conversation )

And logically thinking.. if you would abuse a kids someone (not the gay one's :D) of them will definitely tell someone about this. and usually if kids are sexually abused those pedophiles just kills them after they are done with them. 90% kids who are kidnapped by pedophiles gets killed in 24hours after kidnapped.

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