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May 22, 2009


Any chance we'll ever see reviews here for the first two Terminator films? Those, especially numero uno, are among the most influential films in my life (so I'm a bit biased, yes), and I'd dig your thoughts on them.

Yeah, Salvation was a bummer. Seeing Arnold's 1984 likeness was a kind of brilliance, though.

I've been meaning to revisit the original Terminator for some time, so hopefully, at some point this summer I'll find the time to enjoy a double feature. Both are seminal films from my childhood.

I kinda dug the Arnold cameo in Salvation, though the film barely makes proper use of it. There's Arnold! And, wait, now his face is all burned up! WHA?!? If you're gonna do it, then DO IT.

Yeah, it was the high point of the film for me, but it's sad that it's only for about 18 seconds that you really see him. I wonder if it's the result of the reportedly pending last-minute decision (awaiting Arnold's approval or something), or just generally flippant decision making.

I'm almost considering giving the movie a pass overall, but it's such a mixed bag, and at least one scene strikes me as outright godawful. Why, Linda Hamilton, why?

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