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June 05, 2009


"A quite-masterful return-to-form for an American filmmaking legend."

Quite agreed on that one. (I assume you mean Tetro.)

Yes, I do. It's one of the year's best, I'm beginning to think...

I thought maybe you meant Harold Ramis for "Year One."
My dreams are dashed.

Looking forward to "Tetro" though, missed it at Cannes.

Good call with The Sandbox article Nick; I think you covered all the craptacular, cash-grab tie-ins I've encountered, from the hilarious jumping midgets from Total Recall to the wolves and their tinny, 8-bit roars from F-13th. (Pro tip: Pick Crissy or Mark!) The E.T. game was godawful, but Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Ghostbusters were even worse! For what it's worth, the SNES Aladdin was a decent platformer.

Sam - I hope Year One pans out. But I have my doubts.

J - Thanks. There were a number of other decent movie tie-in games that I considered for the Top 5 (including Aladdin). I don't think I ever played Roger Rabbit or Ghostbusters, but I figure that's no huge loss...

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