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October 28, 2009


You pretty much stole the words right out of my mouth. (Or off my page or whatever.) So Molina's status-obsessed patriarch is RIGHT? Academia IS the one and only path to a life well lived?

One thing you declined to mention: how weirdly sexless their entire relationship is portrayed. I understand Jenny not getting the hots for David-- she's more interested in him as a gateway to a different life-- but Sarsgaard scarcely transmits one iota of real desire for the young girl. This feels less a product of character motivation, and more an outgrowth of the detrimental politeness of the filmmaking. (Scherfig yada yadas right past the one and only sex scene!)

Any way you come at, a crock of shit. Expertly eviscerated, sir.

You articulated my thoughts/emotions exactly! FINALLY, a review that has not been tainted by hype.

Just the review I've been searching for, perhaps its because I'm not a pre-pubesent teen that I'm not in love with this film but I find this completely dross.
Too much hype.
Hornby, you have really fallen in my estimations.

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