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October 30, 2009


Only two capsules? I think they shorted you. Also, NICE call on Pinocchio, I know a lot of folks (myself included) who rewatched that one post-adolescence only to be surprised by the film's genuinely unsettling depiction of falling morally astray.

I expected something from Lynch - Blue Velvet's car ride, maybe - over the reliably funny Curb Stomp. American History X is as over the top as something like Troll 2, and just about as frightening.

IFC has given me plenty to do as of late, so it wasn't really a slight.

As for American History X, I know what you're saying, but that curb stomp remains cringe-worthy. I can barely even think about it without shuddering. Blue Velvet, however, is a somewhat surprising omission.

Pinocchio rules.

You know, one of the scariest images that has always stuck with me is Christopher Penn holding a rock over a bloodied female stranger in the park in the climax to Altman's "Short Cuts." I was certain he just comitted a random murder, but there was some ambiguity to make you wonder a bit whether it was the result of the rock slide.

I think I have to correct myself: it's pretty clear that Penn murdered the girl. I guess I haven't seen it in awhile.

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