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October 28, 2009


I saw the same movie at Sundance, but your review seems to be about another film entirely. What you term exploitation, I'd say is depiction of reality. I've seen girls such as this in my medical practice, and sadly the various abuses depicted are all too common. You think the film-makers have done this to make money. I'd say it is to shock- yes- but enlighten, and ultimately show hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

How are you going to blame the screenwriter for content that comes directly from the novel? He didn't "pile on" an AIDS diagnosis. Read the book, and you'll see that this is an awesome translation to screen.

Ah yes, once again, the argument that any depiction of those on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale is "exploitation."

Todd - First, the director doesn't just depict reality; the film deliberately strays far from neo-realism in style and tone. Second, there is no genuine hope provided by the film, just counterfeit uplift via the mom's sudden and - given the preceding material - implausible desire to open up and come clean about her terrible motivations and actions.

K.C. - If you want to blame the novelist, that's fine. But the screenwriter decided what elements of the novel to include in the film.

Rob - Who said that "any depiction" is exploitation. I didn't make such a blanket statement; I just criticized this particular film.

The movie is not uplifting in any way! Let's examine the final shot. She has aids, two children-brothers, reads at a first grade level, is homeless, morbidly obese, without family, homeless, poor and young. It is a sadistic, masochistic mess! In the same year that Obama was elected to be the most powerful man on the planet you depict nothing but a slave story. How embarrassing!

Please take a look at the scene when the baby with DS is tossed aside on the couch. There is a quick flash to the baby's face and there is hurt there. Why was that child subjected to that in real life, probably not having the capacity to understand what was happening?

Sorry, but I find fault with that and cannot seem to find any article or reference to that child being protected from the movie and separating real life acting from it. Shame on all for allowing that to happen!

Including OPRAH!!!

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