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October 23, 2009


Judging from your review, it sounds more like you think of it as a solid D minus rating? I don't know how BDS ever got any kind of cult following, boggles the mind actually, it's clearly a turd marinated in mediocrity.

Anyway, thank you for articulating my problems with the picture almost perfectly Nick. You're one the best writers on film in the States, keep up the great work man


To Tobi Ximenez:

Nobody cares much for your opinion, unless they hail from the deserts of the southern borders. If you care about film you will learn to move beyond the realm of children's fantasy, such as every CG movie you probably love. What boggles the mind is the lack of appreciation for a film that decided to take its own path with major studio backing, Simply because it was not made in a backhouse garage by a man who spends his time trying to weasel into Sundance from his mother;s basement, your pretentious ass could care less. Here's an idea: don't be such a pretentious bastard.

this movie sucks

This review makes me sick. Tarantino copies so much and people hail him for his originality.

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