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November 09, 2009


Agree with your assessment. Just came from the movie which I found quite disappointing. Maybe if I had stumbled upon it at night at home when I couldn't sleep I'd be scared but as it was I kept waiting to be really scared and instead felt cheated by the ending.

Could not have said it better myself. A waste of my time and money. I feel dumber for just watching it! Now I can wonder at the mental sharpness of the friends that wholeheartedly recommended PAYING to see this movie!

God this movie was bad on so many levels. How is it possible so many people gave it such a high rating? I admit it has perhaps three genuinely creepy moments...but in 90 minutes? I saw this with two other people and we all were grossly disappointed, annoyed, and simply BORED by this flick.

Had I paid money to see this in theaters, I'd be pissed. Garbage film. I'm really quite amazed how consistently the "top critics" on rotten tomatoes seem to give worthy films bad reviews and terrible films such high ratings. I'm glad to see you're not one of those "critics" and willing to give a frank and honest review. Thank you!

Man, this was the biggest let down since.....Blair Witch. I was totally disgusted with the Blair Witch, and this was almost as bad. At least , the camera was mostly still in this movie so that I didn't get motion sickness. I am thankful my friend let me borrow this and all I wasted was 2 hours of my life. For the love of Jesus, don't listen to the hype over this terribad movie.

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