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December 14, 2009


Agree. It was dreadful. I actually began to actively hope for the George character's death, just so the self-important, empty tediousness would end. When About a Boy pulled him from the waves, I suppressed a groan. When he died on his bedroom floor, I pleaded "please don't let that kid come in and resuscitate him." And yes, the abuse of the slow motion button on the editing console deserves a special mention.

This was the first time I even thought little of Colin Firth's acting. With the inept, style-obsessed direction, he conveyed little more than bland, doughy melancholy. There was random idiocy, too, like a little girl commenting on his bushy eyebrows, when his eyebrows were not, and anyway were completely invisible behind his thick black-framed glasses.

Possibly the only positive about this movie: it made me appreciate Mad Men even more. Clearly, not everyone can make 60s angst interesting.

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