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March 25, 2010


Thank you for this. I've been fighting the good fight for this unfairly maligned sequel for way too long. Nice to know that someone else out there sees merit in the film's pervasive doom and dread, flaws and warts and all. Eloquently defended. I will direct haters here the next time I'm failing to convince them that this is a better movie than they remember.

Thanks, A.A. It's disappointing that so many people continue to discount Alien³, especially in light of the assembly cut's improvements over the theatrical version. It strikes me as a film ripe for rediscovery.

Alien 3 is a dark distrubing masterpiece.That other films of today could only wish were so good. Movies like smurfs and zoo keeper that are mass produced for nothing but your cash.The fact that the studio nearly destoryed Finchers vision is proof that when a movie is more classic then profit we the viewers will get cheated, and thats a shame for Alien 3 deserves either a complete remake or at least a standing o

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