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March 25, 2010


I thought DIE HARD came first?

Actually, Die Hard came after Predator; my mistake.

Regardless, great review. I wonder what happened to McTiernan? For a while there it seemed like he was a solid genre director. No John Carpenter or anthing, but a filmmaker who knew how to shoot great action

Well, McTiernan - already on a career downslide (his Rollerball is wretched) - wound up having some pesky legal troubles, which are pretty well-detailed on his Wikipedia page:


The one undercurrent that wasn't trampled underfoot was the "Wouldn't a world with only sweaty beefcake be super?" undercurrent. From the nasty and unnecessary jokes about female anatomy to "Billy" hosing a milk-oozing vine to the fact that the alien is only interested in you if you have a gun and that nobody seems even remotely interested in the high-beam sporting chiquita among them, the screenwriters don't try very hard to disguise their man-love obsession.

Otherwise it's a pretty good flick.

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