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April 29, 2010


hey nick,
love your work, but are you mellowing in your old age or something? Only a C- for the terrible new Nightmare remake, and a C for the Losers?

One other query: is that little icon/pic of you on rotten tomatoes really you? The little 70s-ski-instructor 'stache confuses me...

In all sincerity, I love reading your stuff. It's nice when a critic actually takes the meaning of the word to heart, rather than slavishly fawning over almost everything to the point that the ratings have no meaning.


Thanks for the kind words, Blue.

Is giving the new Nightmare a C- really a sign of mellowing? That grade seems pretty negative to me. I guess I haven't yet seen a film this year that deserved zero stars, but on the whole, the first half of 2010 has been significantly worse than 2009; at this point last year, I'd already seen a handful of great movies.

As for my RT pic, yes, that's really me, '70s mustache and all. I'm auditioning, in advance, for the inevitable big-screen remake of CHiPs.

Hey, I can hardly cast stones, as my recent birthday (38) finds me becoming increasingly socially irrelevant and given to maudlin sh*t way more so than when I was an angry young man.

Hey, have you seen Chris Morris' "Four Lions"? Does it have American distribution yet? I am a huge fan of his, and if you have never seen the Brit series "Brass Eye," I urge you to go pull it off the internet somewhere or buy it on Amazon post-haste. Both Terry Gilliam & Michael Palin have been quoted as saying it's the only thing they've seen that is a proper heir to Monty Python.

Keep it with the realness, uberstache.


I haven't seen Four Lions or Brass Eye, but I'll keep my eye out for them.



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