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May 12, 2010


Hey Nick,

Couple of bad movie related questions:
1) Do you have a favorite so bad it's good movie? For myself, I am going with "Hobgoblins," but partially because of the great related MST3K episode.
2) Where do you stand on "Showgirls"? Slant is an unabashed pimp of it, but I sit the middle on it. Awesome sleazy (but non-sexy) pulp mostly, but I dunno if I can embrace Slant's description of it as meta-satire nonpareil.



1) Not really; the "bad" films I like are ones (usually genre B-movies) I don't think are bad at all, but have unjust reps as being "bad."

2) I've haven't seen Showgirls since the theaters, and don't really care to revisit it. My gut tells me that it's not as bad as its rep nor as good as my Slant colleague Eric Henderson staunchly believes, but again, I'd have to see it again.

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