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June 30, 2010


Did we watch the same movie! I was glued to my seat when the story of Harriet began to unravel. The first 45 minutes was a bit slow and I had a bit of a hard time following the scenes while reading the English subtitles. But man that was a good murder mystery that I haven't enjoyed in a long time. I'd give it an A.

Nah, initial rating is quite accurate. My girlfriend is a big fan of the novels, but i've questioned such a reasoning.

Honestly, I was intially captured by the film's presentation. However, by the last twenty minutes i was struggling to stay awake.

Let us all be honest here; if i were 16 years old, this movie would have starred Sharon Stone.

Respectable trash in its technical aspects, but still trash in the end.

I certainly wasn't aroused; the shots were definately made to horrify. Also, Lisbeth was far more reasonable in the book, and her past his actually quite tragic. the ritualistic serial killer was actually well done. Larsson also had a history of being a journalist tackling scum like the guys in the book

Larsson was not a crusading journo. That was just the mythology built up by him and his partner Eva Gabrielsson. The books are absolute rubbish with zero characterisation and ludricrous, nonsensical, convoluted plots. Read Andre Jute's critical analysis of Larsson's supposed 'crusades' for womens rights. You'll be surprised.

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