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September 29, 2010


If this film came first then I think I'd be queuing up to see it but as you say - a trace job only reiterates the fact it was made to cash in on the original film’s popularity and the fact most audiences won’t read subtitles. I’m sure this film is perfectly well-oiled and does what you expect but it already leaves a sour taste in my mouth given the fact I really enjoyed the unique original film. As the film doesn’t add much to Let The Right One In apart from a few references to American politics and some additional CGI, I’d recommend people give the original a try before paying to see this.

I'd love to watch the original, but do you know if there is a current Blu-ray with proper subtitles? Apparently the home video version has poor subs and that's what has been keeping me from seeing this movie. I mean, it's been over a year now since the home video release, but I can't find much information as to whether or not an improved Blu-ray has been released.


Yes, the blu-ray was reissued with the original subtitles. The new copies can be identified by their packaging, which reads "Subtitles (Theatrical)."

Cool, thanks.

You can see the english version of Let the right one in, it has english dubs, I am no judge but by my standarts the dub is as good as the movie. The movie has provided an bizarre craving to find a mysterious girl my age in my park during the winter :)

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