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November 26, 2010


I agree with every word

I found this film offensive. It was not offensive because I disapprove of lesbian relationships. I felt like the Director did not respect the viewer's awareness. As the film progresses, I picked up on this pretentious undertone, where the enlightened Director ASSUMES that the narrow-minded audience needs to be challenged by a lesbian couple being substituted into the typical struggling american family equation. “I want your advice like I want a dick up my ass!" This line was truly the moment where the Director lays the cards on the table and grins and says, "gotcha!" only to reveal a pair of deuces. But there were interesting moments - I did like the part where she notices his facial expressions as related to her children. I believe that could be a confusing and attraction-triggering feeling to a woman who loves her children (and is drawn to them in a non-sexual way). I thought that was a great gateway moment into their affair. BUT...Despite some good moments, the film factors in the audience and an agenda to shock and influence, more than it does telling a story well. Still not sure how it got such high reviews - maybe people are afraid to say they disliked it because they feared being perceived as narrow-minded.

I found this film to be amazingly pedestrian, tasteless and witless... and MUCH too pleased with itself. the narcissism of this film... I am so sick of this genre of film: the "quirky American suburban domestic". Who bloody cares.

I completely agree with this review. I found this movie boring, cliche, and pretentious. And "overly pleased with itself" is appropriate, too. The writing was sub-par, the characters were cliches (of COURSE the kids' father runs an organic restaurant and apporeciates good wine ... PLEASE ...). And Julianne Moore having an affair was COMPLETELY unbelievable in the story - was just shoved in there for "drama". And Anette Benning's character was also forced and unbelieveable. Sorry, I didn't buy a minute of this drivel. And I can not understand the universally great reviews. Though I suspect it's a bunch of reviewers bending over backwards to look Lesbian chic. Cowards.

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