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December 17, 2010


Thank you for being one of the sensible people. This movie was nigh unwatchable. I had never seen the original and this was an incredible letdown for all the hype.

Movies *still* get technology wrong in 2012, and the last time I checked, there were still plenty of idiots willing to click 'free virus scan' on any random website they visit... Sure, the character names were sort of retarded (a program named 'RAM'?), and some of the concepts were a little unbelievable, but the story, design, acting, etc., more than made up for most of its failings. On top of that, it's one of the few films that exist that captures how awesome early arcades were, and how excited young people were by technology. If people can stomach poser hackster crapfests like Die Hard 4 (whatever it was called), Tron really can't possibly be THAT bad.

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