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January 20, 2011


Hey Nick,
Do you put this above or below AI for Spielberg? I didn't see a review for AI in your archive, but may've missed it. What do you consider Spielberg's finest?
Two other non-related questions:
1) How often to do you find yourself wanting to significantly change your rating for a film after a repeat viewing?
2) Have you ever done genre-specific "favorite films ever" lists? I would be eager to see your favorite comedies & sci-fi choices, for instance.
Keep up the good work.


I've actually been meaning to rewatch AI for some time now (I have it DVR'd). I thought it was a mixed bag when I last saw it, but that was some time ago. As for Spielberg's finest, I'd say E.T. is my favorite from the early stuff, and I favor Minority Report and War of the Worlds (up until their respective finales) from his more recent efforts. But I like quite a bit of his work.

As for your other questions:

1) I don't often want to change ratings after repeat viewings, but it does happen from time to time, for a variety of reasons (context of seeing the film, subsequent films that reveal earlier works' merits/demerits, etc.)

2) I've never done any all-time lists, but if I ever get a free second (ha ha), it's not a bad idea.

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