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May 16, 2011


Allen's best film since "Sweet and Lowdown" and probably his most pleasantly surprising since "Radio Days" The 1920's scenes are so wonderful and the Jazz Age legends are played with just the right amount of parody. A lot of the film's appeal is basking in Gil's incredible luck. He has fallen in with the coolest crowd imaginable and they all want to hang out him and there's a potential romance with Marion Cotillard. It's the perfect fantasy movie for English Lit majors.

For me the best actor in Midnight in Paris was Michael Sheen who was outstanding as the intellectual pedant...Unfortunately I found Owen Wilson a bit lacklustre

"Midnight In Paris" is essentially "Family Guy" for the NPR set. It's an empty husk that glides by on patting the audience on the back for their medium-level cultural literacy. None of it seems lived-in or real. Every time a new literary figure appears, the audience engages in a competition to laugh first at the softball references. Ergo, "Family Guy" for would-be aesthetes. Woody at this point seems content to remix his back catalogue for an audience that, like him, is also past its prime.

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