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June 30, 2011


Glad to see you went into Bay's third attempt at grandiose robotic warfare with an open mind following your thrashing (and most everyone's) of Trannies 2. You refer to a "visual lucidity" that I think is quite apropos - something many critics seem to be incapable of discerning. In fact, with a film like Transformers, shouldn't the bulk of analysis be concerned with image construction, not narrative/character deficiencies? Granted, fully-formed characters would indeed make the action polyvalent, but understanding of the cinematic medium (movement, sound, scale) seems to escape most contemporary critics. Be interested to hear your take.

I will not be surprised if that happens. Since the days of the immigration and making huge stage spectacles so that their stories could be understood despite the language difference, Hollywood - and most Americans are anyway interested in the superficial ('visual'). Nice to see that some eminent critics have also opened their legs for military fetishism.

Still, an excellent review. Though (obviously) I don't agree with you.

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