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June 06, 2011


The film was very good, they used opening scene from X-Men to try to link it in the film franchise. They also used a lot of key phases from the other films. The troubling part is they trashed the story timeline of the other X-men movies like in X-Men Wolverine you saw Prof. X walking, older, & bald getting the captive mutants on the helicopter then Emma Frost is only a teenager in Wolverine. Also in X-men, Prof. X told Wolverine Magneto and him built cerebro. In this movie they credit, Beast! Finally, you can leave when the credits start because they broke Marvel tradition, no extra side at the end. One humorous scene for the veterans of the other X-men movies, is when Magneto & Prof. X go to recruit Logan, there reactions to him are based on Magneto able to pickup on the metal on his bones & Prof. X able to read his mind.

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